Experience the glamour of La Première!

YOUR PRIVATE SUITE ABOVE THE CLOUDS You may enjoy the privacy and comfort of our four private suites in the La Première cabin, installed on most of our Boeing 777-300 flights. In this cabin, a veritable jewel, everything was designed to give you an unrivalled experience of privacy, comfort and sophistication to experience a unique and tailored travel experience with attention to the smallest details.

Our La Première suite is designed with elegance, superior comfort and functionality. You are free to orchestrate your trip in whichever way you see fit. Move around in the cabin or enjoy some privacy, as it may please you. Make yourself at home in the sky, with a range of services available to you, including an individual cloakroom, storage space, and a bedside lamp and our latest generation entertainment system, offering you more than 1000 hours of programme on demand. For your safety, our cabins are cleaned and disinfected regularly. The air is filtered and renewed every 3 minutes.