History's Most Beautiful Shoreline

As the Neapolitans say, “Vedi Napoli e poi muori!” (“See Naples and die!”). Succumb to the splendour of the Gulf of Naples and the unrivalled attractions of the ancient city.

The mythical "journey to Naples" has always evoked emotions and dreams: a great escape in the cradle of Western culture with the Mediterranean Sea and splendour of the surrounding islands on the horizon. Gaze ahead, sit back and relax, carried by the invigorating flow of one of the largest cities in the Mediterranean.

The capital of Campania is home to three million people who highly cherish their traditions, while remaining open to rest of the world. Cultural life is intense and feeds the rich past of the castles, palaces, villas, churches, monasteries and museums who compete for this holiday destination of the ancient Romans. The vast historic centre, designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1995, boasts unrivalled archaeological treasures.

Far from falling asleep on its prestigious achievements, the city plays the card of progress and innovation: there Apple opened its first school for computer programmers, and the new ‘arty’ metro system, at the cutting edge of technology, has 16 stations designed as works of art, a project at the forefront of urban architecture.

The Neapolitan good life is distinguished by its world-renowned cuisine. Famous for its pizza, of course, nearly as highly regarded as a national monument, gives pride of place to local products: vegetables are grown in abundance and tomatoes, another landmark of the region, are among the best in Italy. The nearby sea inspires soups and fritto misti (fried seafood and small fish). To experience another pride of the regional gastronomy, taste the unmatchable mozzarella di buffalo of Campania, nicknamed oro bianco (white gold). That says it all!

A few dozen kilometres from the centre, near the sites of Pompeii and Herculaneum frozen in time, nature reclaims its rights on the remarkable site of Pompeii, the fumaroles of Vesuvius are a reminder that the giant volcano is still dormant, but that doesn't undermine the constant good humour of the Neapolitans.

Nestled in the hollow of its dazzling gulf, the radiant city will offer you the most pleasant of stays. Between history and modernity, cultural heritage and everyday pleasures, set out to discover the Neapolitan lifestyle, "right under the Mediterranean sun!"

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